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We'd love to work with you! If you act, write, edit, direct, draw, sing, dance, voice act, have any sort of interest in any visual medium....let us know!


Between the films, podcasts and magazine there are tons of opportunities to contribute and we'd love to grow the community and voices that drive this brand. 

To learn more send an email to (or use the contact form below) and follow us on Instagram to keep in touch @filmsaboutlunatics. 

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Hi, I'm Abby

Lunatics is a fun project that has grown into something truly wonderful. Thanks to many, many friends & collaborators, we create horror themed films, magazines, stories & podcasts for you. We create a range of content, it isn't always strictly horror. We also like to experiment with dance, comedy and sometimes a lil' bit of drama. But we always like to be a little spooky. 


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